Junior Aikido TikTok Challenge – Appeal Category


Entries are now closed for the first Junior Aikido TikTok Challenge!  We had a fantastic response – over 100 video entries received in 3 categories.

We’ll be judging and reviewing the videos and announcing the winners in each category by the end of February.

Click on the links below to Check out the video entries in the Appeal Category:
Yoshinkan Aikido Soryu (Japan)

1. 蒼龍道場日曜日幼少年部「受け身」Soryu Dojo Kids Class (Ukemi)

2.蒼龍疾風クラス 「短刀操法」Soryu Dojo Hayate Class – Tanto So Ho

3.蒼龍道場 「絆」Soryu Dojo Kizuna

4.蒼龍 火曜少年部「合気道的組体操 サボテン🌵」楽しく体作り!Cactus Challenge!

5.蒼龍 金曜中学生クラス「護身技を身につけたい」Soryu Friday Class Self-defence Techniques

6. 蒼龍ジュニアクラス「Soryu Junior All Stars⭐️」

7. 合気道TikTok蒼龍 長浦少年部W「合気道に全集中!」Soryu Nagaura Kids Class Total Focus!


Yoshinkan Aikido Meiryukan (Japan)

8. Yoshinkan Aikido Meiryukan Noda

9. Yoshinkan Aikido Meiryukan HD


Yoshinkan Aikido Ryu Aoi (Japan)

10. 合気道龍葵船橋同好会 日曜クラス少年部、受け身稽古の様子です!Aikido Ryu Aoi Funabashi Branch Ukemi

Yoshinkan Aikido Ryu Headquarters Dojo and urayasu branch (Japan)

11. A gentleman should always carry an umbrella.

12. スーパーヒーローになるは合気道です!Superheroes aren’t born, they’re made.

13. メアリー・ポピンズ Mary Poppins

14. No Aikido vs Know Aikido


Nippon Country Club Aikido (Brazil)

15. Nippon Country Club – Aikido – (Treino Jo)

Yoshinkan Aikido Byakko (Japan)

16. 養神館合気道白虎~普段の様子~ Yoshinkan Aikido Byakko – Everyday Aikido

Yoshinkan Aikido Oji Dojo (Japan)

17. 養神館合気道王子支部(日本) 護身術 Yoshinkan Aikido Oji Dojo Self-defence Techniques

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