It’s never too late to start learning aikido! Students at Ryu range in age from three to 80 years and the physical health benefits of aikido are not limited to any age group.  This class is for students 60 years and over. Students can set their own pace for training and instructors focus on teaching softer, more flowing techniques that are suited to senior students.

The basic movements in aikido are effective in developing a strong core and lower body.  Aikido also provides a good cardiovascular workout, increasing general stamina and fitness. Furthermore, in kamae (the basic stance from which all aikido techniques are performed) and while performing techniques the focus is on keeping the body`s centerline, the back and neck perfectly straight and the chest open, which helps to improve posture.

All aikido techniques are practiced on both the left and right sides meaning that both sides of the brain are used and that there is no imbalance between the left and right sides of the body. Aikido uses many joint-locking techniques that gently stretch wrist and elbow joints in the direction that they naturally bend, promoting flexibility of the joints. This is particularly important in combating aging, as stiff ankles and wrists can severely limit mobility as we grow older. In addition, it is believed that these joint-locking techniques stimulate various vital therapeutic points on the body, improving blood circulation and strengthening the immune system.

This popular class will leave you feeling mentally and physically refreshed and rejuvenated!

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Aikido Ryu Dojo Seniors Class schedule

  • We are closed for training on Mondays.


Aikido Ryu Headquarters Dojo Access

Aikido Ryu Dojo Seniors Class Membership fees:

Seniors Class

(Tues & Thurs

Weds & Fri: ¥500 visitor fee applies.)

MONTHLY FEE ¥6,000 +Tax
ENTRANCE FEE ¥2,000 +Tax

Additional fees

Sports insurance
(Optional, covers one fiscal year)
High school students and above ¥1,850
Junior high school students and below ¥800
65 years and older ¥1,200