In Yoshinkan Aikido, great emphasis is based on the study of the kihon dosa or basic movements. Through repetitive training in these movements we develop a strong core and lower body, as well as the ability to maintain a stable posture while moving. All aikido techniques contain some element of these basic movements so it follows that if we can do the basic movements, we will naturally be able to do the techniques. It also means that we must be very careful from the beginning to create and maintain correct form when studying the basic movements and techniques.

In all our classes, instructors ensure that students develop quality basic movements that will be the basis for later progress into more advanced techniques.  Fun but demanding; each student learns at their own pace in a supportive environment.

Classes are held throughout the day, 6 days a week and students can attend as often as they like.

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Aikido Ryu Dojo Adults Class Schedule

This training schedule is effective from Sunday the 21st of March 2021.

  • We are closed for training on Mondays.

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Aikido Ryu Dojo Adults Class Membership fees:

Ryu Dojo

(Tues – Sun)

MONTHLY FEE ¥7,000+Tax
ENTRANCE FEE ¥2,000 +Tax

Additional fees:

Sports insurance
(Optional, covers one fiscal year)
High school students and above ¥1,850
Junior high school students and below ¥800
65 years and older ¥1,200