Cancellation of the 30th Anniversary Urayasu City Aikido Demonstration

In keeping with the Japanese government’s policy and request to limit the number of large gatherings in order to restrict the spread of COVID-19, the Urayasu City AIkido Association has decided to cancel the 30th Anniversary Aikido Demonstration.
We are deeply sorry for this situation and would like to thank everybody who had committed to attending the demonstration.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
We know these are unprecedented and uncertain times.  Many dojos have had to temporarily close and suspend training and are uncertain of if and when they will be able to reopen or whether their student bases will erode.  At Ryu, we are using this break in regular training to go back to the basics with a fresh eye, to refresh and come back a little better than before.
Ueshiba Sensei wrote that hardships are an essential part of our training and that our training allows us to turn any situation around in our favour.  We truly believe that the COVID-19 pandemic will bring about a radical shift in consciousness in the world.  We have begun to see how truly connected we all are, one family, and that we need to create a new world order, one that is kinder; more sustainable, more cooperative.  Aikido and it’s philosophy is perfectly suited to that and can play an essential role in the future.  After the pandemic begins to ease off people will look for an activity that forges resilience and strength mentally, physically and spiritually.  Aikido is perfectly positioned to fill that demand.
Let’s all face the future together with positivity and light.   “The true meaning of the term samurai is one who serves and adheres to the power of love.” This is what our training is for and we are ready. We are all ready right now to fulfill our purpose.

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