Aikido at Kojimachi Junior High School

In January instructors from Ryu Dojo were once again invited to teach a special Aikido course as part of the curriculum at Kojimachi Junior High School in Tokyo.

Students from 1st – 3rd year take a total of 6 one hour lessons with a short test at the end with the score counting towards their evaluation in PE. With such a short time and a lot of techniques to get through, we have to distill the movements down to try and convey their essence and efficiency as quickly as possible. We also try to teach a little of the theory of Aikido and how it is expressed in the basic movements and in the techniques and how that theory can be applied in real life: at school; at work or in a basic self-defense situation.

It’s always fun to work with the the energetic students and it’s no surprise that Kojimachi Junior High and it’s headmaster are known for their progressive approach to education.

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