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Kids Aikido

Studying any martial art, and aikido in particular, has tremendous transformative benefits for kids.  Apart from the physical benefits, studying a martial art improves concentration; teaches children self-discipline and respect, both for themselves and for others. At Ryu, teaching kids is a vital part of what we do!  In all our classes experienced teachers provide [...]

Adults Aikido Classes (Junior High School students and above)

In Yoshinkan Aikido, great emphasis is based on the study of the kihon dosa or basic movements. Through repetitive training in these movements we develop a strong core and lower body, as well as the ability to maintain a stable posture while moving. All aikido techniques contain some element of these basic movements so it follows that [...]

Aikido Ryu Seniors Class

It's never too late to start learning aikido! Students at Ryu range in age from three to 80 years and the physical health benefits of aikido are not limited to any age group.  This class is for students 60 years and over. Students can set their own pace for training and instructors focus on teaching [...]

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Ryu On Demand – New Techniques Added!

2020/11/20 New techniques added weekly to Ryu On Demand! Check out the latest trailers below. Ryu On Demand is our online streaming site where ¥583/month gives you unlimited streaming access PLUS subscribers get free and exclusive access to our weekly ZOOM Aikido online lessons. Ryu On Demand also contains our entire back catalogue of instructional […]

Aikido Ryu Winter Tests

2020/11/19 The Ryu Winter Tests will be held as follows: Date and time: Saturday the 19th of December from 14:00 (the dojo will be open for training from 13:00) Sunday the 20th of December from 10:30 Location: Urayasu City Chuo Budokan Other: *Ryu Headquarters Dojo and Urayasu Branch members should apply from their member page […]

Aikido Ryu – New Year’s Eve Midnight Training

2020/11/19 This year, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we will be holding our New Year’s Eve midnight training via ZOOM.  All students of Yoshinkan Aikido (junior high school students and above) are welcome to join us in bringing in the New Year the best way – on the mats! Date: Thursday the 31st of […]

Aikido Ryu Dojo – Year End and New Year Schedule

2020/10/30 The Year End and New Year schedule for Ryu Headquarters Dojo is below: Winter Tests Date and time: Saturday the 19th of December from 14:00 (the dojo is open for training from 13:00.) Sunday the 20th of December from 10:30. Location: Urayasu City Chuo Budokan Test applications should be submitted at least one week before the […]

Yoshinkan Aikido Test Syllabus FREE VIDEOS – Ryu On Demand

2020/10/24 We have now made the Yoshinkan Aikido Test syllabus for 10th-6th kyu available to view for free on our streaming site, Ryu On Demand.  Currently, only the basic techniques are uploaded but we are shooting and adding the basic movements shortly so keep checking back regularly! Click here to see the videos.  

Urayasu City Citizens’ Festival Cheer Up! Campaign

2020/10/23 We were invited to submit a video for the Urayasu City Citizens’ Festival “Cheer up everyone!” campaign. Check it out here! The subtitles read “The purpose of Aikido training is to enrich your daily life!”

17th Annual Junior Aikido Tournament Cancelled

2020/10/10 Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and uncertainty regarding travel and the holding of large gatherings, the 17th Annual Junior Aikido Tournament which was scheduled to be held on Thursday the 11th of February 2021 will be cancelled. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and to all those who were looking forward to the […]

Aiki Ryu Newspaper – English Edition June-September Combined

2020/10/02 YOU CAN NOW KEEP UP TO DATE ON ALL THE HAPPENINGS AT RYU BY DOWNLOADING THE ENGLISH TRANSLATION OF THE AIKI RYU NEWSPAPER! Now in color, the newspaper includes reports on demonstrations and seminars as well as Ando Shihan’s explanations of basic techniques. Click here to download the latest edition. You can also subscribe […]