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Aikido is rapidly becoming more popular with women.
One reason for this is because aikido techniques do not rely on physical strength for their effectiveness. Instead, through training in aikido, we can learn to generate great power using kokyuryoku, or 'breath power'.
Another reason aikido is popular with women is because aikido is never used for aggressive purposes. Rather, by using the re-directed force of an attack, aikido provides a very powerful means of self-defence without undue force.
Regular training in aikido has many physical and mental health benefits. The basic movements in aikido are especially good for the core muscles and for lower body strength but are also good for improving stamina and over-all muscle tone and for developing a leaner physique.
Most importantly, however, all students are encouraged to study at their own pace. By studying aikido in a relaxed atmosphere, it is hoped that students will leave feeling energised and revitalised.
Although the women`s classes at Ryu Dojo are named for the delicate cherry blossom flower, there is no mistaking the strength and power of the women who attend these classes. At the 2003 All Japan Aikido Demonstration, Sakurakai members took second place in the Basic Techniques category and at the 2006 Urayasu Aikido Demonstration they were awarded the Kanto Embushyo - the 'Fighting Spirit Prize'!
Sakurakai classes are aimed specifically at women but of course men are also welcome.

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