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Yoshinkan Aikido Ryu has a system whereby students can stay at the dojo and study aikido with Tsuneo Ando Shihan. Live-in students stay at ʻRyu Houseʼ and take part in the everyday life of the dojo, training alongside Ando Shihanʼs uchi deshi. In this way, students can truly experience the saying that aiki soku seikatsu (“aikido and life are one”). Live-in training is for students who want to gain a greater understanding of the spirit of aikido and to improve their aikido technique.
Ryu Honbu Dojo is located in Urayasu City with easy access from Narita and Haneda airports. Most famous for being the home of Tokyo Disneyland, Urayasu City also holds many seasonal events and festivals that gasshku visitors can participate in, allowing them a unique glimpse into Japanese culture and lifestyle. There are also many popular tourist locations within an easy distance of Urayasu, making it possible for gasshku students to fit some sightseeing into their training schedules.

Qualifications Students must be 18 years or older, with some experience of Aikido. (Students younger than 18 years are permitted to stay as long as they are accompanied by an adult.
Minors who are accompanied by an adult other than their parent or legal guardian are required to submit a letter of consent from their parent/legal guardian.)
Rules and
  • Accommodation at Ryu House is for those wishing to study aikido and is not available for any other purpose. Live-in students will make aikido training their first priority.
  • Students staying at Ryu House for the first time are required to submit a letter of recommendation from their aikido teacher.
    Thereafter, students are required to inform their teacher of their visit to Ryu Dojo.
  • Students who wish to test during their stay at Ryu Dojo must have the written permission of their aikido teacher.
  • Students staying at Ryu House are expected to attend the 6 am training class (Tuesday to Friday). Thereafter, they can decide their training schedule after discussion with Ando Sensei and the Ryu staff. Students must also submit an itinerary of their stay in Japan. Please inform us in advance of any travel or sightseeing plans that you have and of which days you will be away from the dojo.
  • The period of the stay may be from one night up to 3 month.
  • Accommodation - 2,000yen (plus tax) per day, excluding meals.
  • Tuition - 2,000yen (plus tax) per day. This allows students to attend as many classes as they wish for that day at Ryu Honbu Dojo and all affiliate clubs and dojos. Students staying longer-term can also pay 21,000yen (plus tax) giving them unlimited training for a month.
  • Group discounts, family discounts and discounts for ladies are available. Please enquire about this by e-mail.
Please click on the button below to see a sample training schedule (PDF) for live-in students holding 4 kyu and above.
Ryu Honbu Dojo offers up to 5 classes per day and can accommodate students of all levels. For students ranked lower then 4 kyu or for kids, please click here to see the training schedule and guide to classes or contact us by e-mail to discuss your training schedule.

Students wishing to stay at Ryu House should first contact us by e-mail; telephone or fax to check space availability. After checking availability, please click on the button below to download an application form and a list of terms and conditions. Fill in all the spaces and return the signed forms to us along with any other necessary documents. Applications should be submitted at least one week before the start of the planned visit (2 months for those students requiring assistance in obtaining a visa.)
Applications can be submitted by mail; fax or e-mail. We will then inform you if your application has been accepted.

Download application form and terms and conditions

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