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New Test Syllabus Seminar
NPO Yoshinkan Aikido Ryu will be holding a special seminar on the new 2015/2016 test syllabus.
Date and time: Wednesday the 29th of April (Showa Day, a public holiday) from 9:15-10:50.
Location: Urayasu Chuo Budokan
Cost: Training costs 500yen for Ryu members and 1,000yen for non-members.
Please contact us if you would like to attend:
TEL: 047-355-7140 E-mail:

*25th Anniversary Urayasu City Aikido Demonstration Special Class and Rehearsal
In advance of the 25th Anniversary Urayasu City Aikido Demonstration on the 17th of May, we will be holding a special training session and rehearsal. The training session will be a chance for all the participants in the demonstration who are coming from overseas or from around Japan to train together.

The training session and demonstration rehearsal will be held on Saturday the 16th of May at the Urayasu City Chuo Budokan. The special class will be held from 15:15-15:45 and the demonstration rehearsal will be from 15:45-16:45.

The class costs ¥500 for students who are not members of the Urayasu branch. Urayasu Branch members can attend training as usual on this day, even if they are not participating in the demonstration.

If you have any questions, please contact us:
TEL: 047-355-7140 Mail:

Golden Week Holiday Training Schedule
Please note the training schedule for Ryu Honbu Dojo and Urayasu Shibu during the Golden Week holiday:

Wednesday the 29th of April - The dojo will be closed for regular training.
・The seminar for the 2015/2016 test techniques will be held on this day from 9:15-10:15 at Urayasu Chuo Budokan. Training costs 500 yen for regular members.

Thursday the 30th of April - Sunday the 3rd of May - Regular training.
Monday the 4th of May - Wednesday the 6th of May - The dojo will be closed for training.

Please note that there will be training as usual on Sunday the 3rd of May however so please come in and get some practice before the demonstration in May.

Urayasu City Aikido Association 25th Anniversary Demonstration
The Urayasu City Aikido Association will be celebrating the occasion of it's 25th Annual Aikido Demonstration this year.
Urayasu City Aikido Association members can choose what event they would like to participate in from this list. Other participants should consult with their club instructor on their participation. We are looking forward to participants from all around Japan and from all around the world attending!

The demonstration will be held on Sunday the 17th of May from 13:00-17:30 in the Main Arena at Maihama Gymnasium.
A party will be held afterwards from 18:30-20:30 in the Urayasu Brighton Hotel. The cost of attending the party is 4,000yen per person.

If you have any questions or would like to attend the demonstration or party, please contact the Urayasu City Aikido Association Committee:
Tel: 047-355-7140 E-mail:

Aiki Ryu Newspaper Announcement
NPO Yoshinkan Aikido Ryu is now publishing a monthly newspaper (currently only in Japanese.) Click here for more information.

Uchidesi Recruitment
Click here for more information about Uchi Deshi recruitment.

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