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A brief introduction to the facilities in the new Ryu Headquarters Dojo. (Click on the pictures to view them larger.)

Main Entrance
Aikidoryu Headquarters Dojo; Chiba Prefecture Yoshinkan Aikido Association and the Urayasu City Aikido Association signboards are on either side of the main entrance.
#1 dojo
This dojo is the size of 30 tatami mats but the high ceilings allow for weapons training with swords or sticks. A scroll with the phrase "Steadfast heart" written in calligraphy by Ando Shihan hangs in the front of the dojo.
#2 dojo
A corridor leads off from the reception area to the dai ni dojo. This dojo is also 30 tatami mats in size but large windows make it light and airy. The scroll in this dojo is also in Ando Shihan's calligraphy and it reads "Aiki Okami" - the god of aiki.
The lounge has a big screen TV and several interesting photographs of the history of Yoshinkan Aikido and Yoshinkan Aikido Ryu are on display. Original hand-printed and hand-bound copies of Budo Renshu and Budo by Morihei Ueshiba are especially worth a look.
Change Rooms
Separate men's and women's change rooms each have showers. Hooks in the women's change rooms are designed for easy storage of bags.
Facilities for live-in students
On the second floor of the dai ni dojo are facilities for students on training camps. Facilities include bunk beds; bath, shower and toilet; a kitchen and all the necessities for a comfortable stay while training at Ryu Headquarters Dojo.
Separate men's and women's toilets.
There is parking for up to 8 cars. Parking is free for members.
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