Aikido Ryu offers you a rich and healthy life through Aikido.




At Ryu, teaching kids is a vital part of what we do. Apart from regular training, we also hold various activities aimed at encouraging interaction between children and at furthering the development of life and achievement goals. Examples include annual youth training camps and the Junior Aikido Demonstration. Ryu Dojo also sends instructors out on a volunteer basis to teach aikido at Urayasu City South Elementary School and Irifune North Elementary School, thus taking it`s part in broadening the education of Urayasu`s youth.


Yoshinkan Aikido Ryu also has Family Club classes where parents with pre-school age children can study aikido together with their kids. Through studying aikido, children can improve their co-ordination and socialisation skills, preparing them for kindergarten and for school. For parents, Family Club provides a valuable opportunity to bond with their children during the precious pre-school years.


Through observing correct dojo etiquette children learn discipline and respect, both for themselves and others. Thus, members of Ryu Dojo kids classes learn to bow on entering and leaving the dojo and are required to greet their teacher and fellow students at the beginning and at the ending of each class.


In aikido, the basic movements are of fundamental importance. All aikido techniques contain these basic movements so it follows that if students can do the basic movements, they will naturally be able to do the more advanced techniques. Thus, at Ryu Dojo children are first given a strong grounding in the basics.


In aikido, there are many throwing techniques. Thus, we repeatedly practise both forward and backward rolling breakfalls in order that children can both do and receive these techniques without sustaining injury. Apart from improving children`s flexibility and balance, practising ukemi teaches children to protect themselves when falling, better preparing them for all that life can throw at them!


At both the beginning and the end of all kids classes at Ryu Dojo, children line up in seiza, close their eyes and sit quietly for a few moments. This has several purposes; firstly, sitting in seiza with the back straight is good for the posture. Secondly, it improves concentration as children sit quietly and listen to the teacher`s instructions or announcements. And finally, it is a few vital moments of calm during which students can prepare themselves to study with the correct spirit.


Yoshinkan Aikido Ryu holds various events which Ryu Dojo Kids Class members always look forward to participating in. There is the annual Urayasu Demonstration and the Junior Aikido Demonstration where students get the chance to demonstrate their aikido in front of an audience and, of course, in front of their friends and family. There are also tests held three times a year in the spring, summer and winter. Events such as these help students improve by giving them targets to aim towards. Other events, such as the kagamibiraki ceremony (annual event of cutting the New Year`s rice cakes and eating them in a sweet bean paste soup) or the youth training camps give children a chance to interact and make friends with students from other classes.


The space to exercise and move around freely; the opportunity to make friends; remembering new techniques and the sense of achievement when gaining the ability to do those techniques: we believe all these contribute to a child`s sense of enjoyment in learning aikido. And this is one of the most important goals of Yoshinkan Aikido Ryu Kids` Classes - the creation of a safe and fun-filled atmosphere in which children can learn and grow.
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