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Test Syllabus Techniques Seminar
The Chiba Prefecture Yoshinkan Aikido Association will be holding it’s annual seminar on the set techniques in the new Yoshinkan Aikido Test Syllabus:
Date and time: Wednesday the 3rd of May (a public holiday) from 9:15-10:50
Location: Urayasu City Chuo Budokan

The seminar will be taught by Ando Shihan and will focus on the set techniques for shokyu; shodan and yudan in the new 2017-2018 test syllabus. Training costs 1,000yen (not applicable to representatives and head instructors from Ryu affiliate clubs and dojos.) Training is open to all students of Yoshinkan Aikido.

Special Seminar Announcement
Ryu Honbu Dojo will be holding a special seminar on the day after the 27th Annual Urayasu Demonstration.
 This seminar is open to all students of aikido!  The class will be taught by Ando Shihan and will include basic
techniques as well as some weapons work.
Date and time: Monday the 22nd of May from 9:15-10:50
Location: Ryu Honbu Dojo
Cost: 1,000yen
After training, a lunch party will be held from 11:30, also at Ryu Honbu Dojo.
The cost of attending this is 1,000yen.
If you have any questions about this or would like to attend, please contact the Ryu Honbu Dojo Administration:
TEL: 047-355-7140

Staff Changes and Changes in Training Schedule
Please click here to see changes in the staff and training schedule at Ryu and to download a full schedule
of training at Ryu Honbu Dojo.

27th Annual Urayasu City Aikido Association Demonstration
The 27th Annual Urayasu City Aikido Association Demonstration will be held in the Main Arena at Maihama Gymnasium on Sunday the 21st of May.  Please click here to view the demonstration syllabus for students within Urayasu City and to download an application form.

*Black Belt Class
Black belt classes are now held once a month at Ryu Honbu Dojo. Click here for more information.

*Aikido Seminars and Self-defence Courses By Request
NPO Yoshinkan Aikido Ryu offers special seminars and lectures on aikido for school or other organization events as well as self-defense courses on request.  Please contact us if you are interested or would like more information.  Tel: 047-355-7140  Email:

Aiki Ryu Newspaper
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Uchidesi Recruitment
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